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Bugs and Heroes trailer

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directed by: Petar Pasic
produced by: Doktor Fried



BUGS AND HEROES is a romantic thriller combining live action with CGI animation.

It’s a tale of lonely, broken people and insects who are, both in their own ways, searching for, longing for the lost loves of their lives – an introverted NIGHT GUARD, his demanding, father, a delusional SUPERHERO wannabe, and the ORPHAN child, who spend their time in an abandoned shopping mall.

In order to reconstruct his shattered psyche, the amnesiac SUPERHERO sends the ORPHAN out on the streets with a camera, and tells him to film random people. He then edits that footage into narrative films, which, he hopes, will help him remember his past and reunite with his long lost wife and son.

The NIGHT GUARD, who is living an unfulfilled, static life with his father, slowly befriends these characters he is meeting in the mall and falls in love with the beautiful and lonely NURSE, who also happens to be the woman the ORPHAN is filming, and which, for some reason, reminds the SUPERHERO of his wife.

Meanwhile, none of the humans are aware of the parallel microcosm of insects inhabiting the walls of the mall. These beings have struggles and dreams of their own, which they try to overcome and fulfill. Suddenly, their seemingly insignificant actions begin to affect the lives of the human characters, until both their destinies become intertwined in an unusual way, through a series of events which will forever change their lives, and, ultimately, even the fate of all mankind.

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