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Heroes III (The Shadow of Death): The Lord of War 200% Walkthrough Part 4 (Day 136-143)

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Voy as a navigation specialty hero is absolutely not a main hero in this game, but she can finish the ultra hard challenge on snake island and get the Tomb of Earth Magic. All she has is only 16 Dragon Flies, 141 Lizard Shooters and 256 Orc Chieftains. Because of using only low level creatures, my main heroes can take TB, CK and Behemonths to rush for other enemies simultaneously.

Using insignificant creatures to fight is a useful strategy for large maps, but a bit time costy. This fight takes me 51 minutes to finish, and...just imagine a mis-click will ruin everything.

How many days do you predict you to finish this map? And how many days do you predict me to finish this map? The time is only 24th day (Month 1/Week 4/Day 3), maybe everything is still at the beginning.

Wish you enjoy this video.

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