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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Fortress 1v7 FFA 200% Only Eagle eye taught spells allowed ep 11

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Добавлено от Admin В Heroes of might and magic 3 gameplay
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How's it going, guys.

Welcome to the channel, here we are during tips, playthroughs, and challenges on 200 % difficulty.

Today, we are continuing our latest challenge called the "only eagle eye taught spells allowed".

We take the fight against Blue, but unfortunately, he does not have a spellbook and we do not learn any spells, but we have a capital, and our financial situation looks really great. We invest in might gorgons and move the army down towards a neutral Fortress town. So we are now the owner of three fortress towns. Blue gets eliminated when he fails to take his old town back. So things are looking really bright.

if you want to watch tips, playthroughs or challenges you can find them on the channel in each playlist.

feel free to go explore, thanks for watching.

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