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Soul Knight 2.2.0 *NEW* Weapon Gameplay! "Nunchaku"!

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Добавлено от Admin В Heroes of might and magic 3 обучение
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Hello! This is another video about SOUL KNIGHT, I strive to make content for different mobile games more diverse and interesting, I ALWAYS accept your ideas for video, if I like them, then I am always ready to make a video on your idea, the most important thing is how you specifically described your idea.
P.S. This is written for my subscribers and new viewers, this is to make you understand that I am quite ready to cooperate with you, etc.

Explore dungeons, collect crazy weapons and shoot everyone!

“This is the era of the sword and revolver. The magic stone that kept balance in our world is stolen by a high-tech alien race. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will you be able to return the artifact? It all depends on you..."
We just can not accept this. So let's shoot a couple of alien henchmen!
Deep in your soul you have always dreamed of such a game. Explore dungeons, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot everyone! Intuitively simple controls, incredibly smooth and fun gameplay and a lot of very different tricks. This is the best shooter for mobile devices.
* Unique heroes with unique skills.
* 170+ different weapons.
* Randomly generated dungeons - always a new gaming experience.
* Detailed non-player characters! They will fight by your side!
* Intuitive control with automatic aiming system.
* And much more - look in the game!
#SoulKnight #SummerUpdate #Gameplay #Nunchaku

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