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  • 00:47 Популярные Opentalk 2017 - Customer Heroes

    Opentalk 2017 - Customer Heroes

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    Opentalk is a revolutionary event designed to discuss and reshape current trends in customer communication. The show brings together employees from different functions of customer experience who believe in real-time communication as the only way to provid

  • 01:00 Brussels + Muscles, Heroes

    Brussels + Muscles, Heroes

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    Join our favorite fitness heroes, Avin, Finley and Nolan as they make getting fit fun with games and activities for the Be Colorado fitness move. They empower both parents and kids alike to live a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for more adventures from our

  • 00:38 Farm Heroes - Game trailer

    Farm Heroes - Game trailer

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    Another game from greatestgamescompany.com for iOs! My role here was: All Animation / Editing. Thanks for watching!

  • 00:55 Unruly Heroes - Meet Ki Hong

    Unruly Heroes - Meet Ki Hong

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    Meet one of 4 Unruly Heroes- Ki Hong - in the creative process which brings him to life in the first video of our 'Meet Unruly Heroes' series!

  • 00:20 Rise Of Heroes Show Opener

    Rise Of Heroes Show Opener

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    Music and Sound Design: Zelig Sound Project Name: Rise of Heroes | Opener Production company: Mirari & Co. (Mirari.tv) Director: Jimmy Yuan Executive Producer : Michelle Xie Character Design: Michael Chan Animation: Sylvain Magne, Ryan Maddox Colour: Ryan

  • 01:29 Marvel Heroes Reel

    Marvel Heroes Reel

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    Sequence has produced over 40 (!) motion comic-style cutscenes for Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMORPG by Gazillion Entertainment. And there’s more on the way! Marvel Heroes lets gamers suit up as their favourite Marvel superheroes as they battle throu

  • 00:05 5SP – Movember heroes

    5SP – Movember heroes

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    Five second project based on a comic style I appreciate a lot. Done with After Effects and Illustrator. Soundtrack by Corentin Gautier - "Something important" http://soundcloud.com/corentin-gautier/something-important View Contest at: http://greyscalegori