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  • 01:03 Популярные Heroes Rage animation reel

    Heroes Rage animation reel

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    Animations - Boris Klimov Characters - Dmitry Danilov Playtagon

  • 01:00 Might And Magic Heroes VI Personal Making Of

    Might And Magic Heroes VI Personal Making Of

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    Our Task in Digital Apes: SyFlex Cloth simulation, Particles and Dynamics simulation, Mel scripts, Tool scripting

  • 02:52 Legendary Heroes Online - Cinematics 名將列傳-導演版

    Legendary Heroes Online - Cinematics 名將列傳-導演版

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    http://www.behance.net/gallery/Legendary-Heroes-Online-Cinematics/4287611 In the Han dynasty of ancient China , when the first king was still a civilian ,he destroyed the white snake spirit for raising , The white snake was the son of the white lord , Sna

  • 00:23 Quantum Heroes - Coming Soon

    Quantum Heroes - Coming Soon

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    "Quantum Heroes" protecting planet earth from the invasion of the evil Space Freaks... COMING SOON! Follow us: monkeytennisanimation.com/ instagram.com/monkeytennisanimation instagram.com/monkeytennisanimation facebook.com/monkeytennisanimation twitter.co

  • 02:30 Pixelhunters - Falcon Heroes

    Pixelhunters - Falcon Heroes

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    http://www.pixelhunters.com It was pretty exciting project for us. Classical love story looked from the eyes of jet pilots - every kid's dream - to fly in the sky :). 2 very very intense months of work other trailer: http://vimeo.com/11396256

  • 01:01 Not Super Heroes. Motion Graphics

    Not Super Heroes. Motion Graphics

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  • 02:46 American Titans Breakdown // American Heroes Channel

    American Titans Breakdown // American Heroes Channel

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    Elastic Pictures produced multiple VFX scenes for the American Titans series that aired on the American Heroes Channel. Everything was developed and delivered in 4K for broadcast. This is a breakdown of the scenes that were provided and the process we use

  • 02:59 About Bugs and Heroes / animation clip

    About Bugs and Heroes / animation clip

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    3D animated scenes from movie "About bugs and heroes"

  • 00:47 Quantum Heroes

    Quantum Heroes

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    When Space Freaks from the outer cosmos attack... Quantum Heroes protect the universe with ultra power and mega-weapons! Battle One: Flame Blade vs Sea Kaiju Quantum Heroes is a project we made together with the talented CG & animation students Irina Nguy

  • 00:45 Heroes at Work! - Dmax

    Heroes at Work! - Dmax

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    In honor of Italy's Labour Day, Dmax Italy celebrated the everyday worker, eating against the clock like Adam Richman (Man vs. Food) can be real work. The channel' heroes are portrayed in constructivist posters, evoking images of the stereotypical Soviet

  • 02:13 Bugs and Heroes trailer

    Bugs and Heroes trailer

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    directed by: Petar Pasic produced by: Doktor Fried ------------------------------------- BUGS AND HEROES BUGS AND HEROES is a romantic thriller combining live action with CGI animation. It’s a tale of lonely, broken people and insects who are, both in the

  • 00:33 Pieces.of.Heroes


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    Adidas : Pieces.of.Heroes :: 3D : Cinema 4D 11 :: Grading : After Effects :: Music : Maurin Zahnd www.camillemarotte.com

  • 00:33 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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  • 00:28 Heroes & Icons

    Heroes & Icons

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    These are a few moments from a branding / broadcast package that I did for the Heroes&Icons network. For more info please check out - http://nicholasbrave.com/projects/heroes-icons/

  • 01:59 "Heroes" Demo Reel

    "Heroes" Demo Reel

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    Demo Reel for the NBC show "Heroes"

  • 00:23 Clash Of Heroes

    Clash Of Heroes

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    TV Spot for UBISOFT, 2010 For this project I did the elf sequence More info at: http://www.kotoc-produccions.com/clash-of-heroes

  • 01:49 Might & Magic Heroes VII -  Gamescom 2014 - Trailer

    Might & Magic Heroes VII - Gamescom 2014 - Trailer

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    Client : UBISOFT Production, Design and Animation : CHEZ EDDY Directed by CHRIS DELAPORTE VFX Supervisor : JEAN-CHARLES KERNINON Ubisoft Line Producer : SOPHIE PENZIKI Chez Eddy Line Producer : PIERROT JACQUET Concept Artist / Designs : SAM MALHONE Previz