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  • 01:03 Популярные Heroes Rage animation reel

    Heroes Rage animation reel

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    Animations - Boris Klimov Characters - Dmitry Danilov Playtagon

  • 01:22 Heroes of the Storm - Genji Animations

    Heroes of the Storm - Genji Animations

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  • 02:52 Legendary Heroes Online - Cinematics 名將列傳-導演版

    Legendary Heroes Online - Cinematics 名將列傳-導演版

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    http://www.behance.net/gallery/Legendary-Heroes-Online-Cinematics/4287611 In the Han dynasty of ancient China , when the first king was still a civilian ,he destroyed the white snake spirit for raising , The white snake was the son of the white lord , Sna

  • 00:23 Quantum Heroes - Coming Soon

    Quantum Heroes - Coming Soon

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    "Quantum Heroes" protecting planet earth from the invasion of the evil Space Freaks... COMING SOON! Follow us: monkeytennisanimation.com/ instagram.com/monkeytennisanimation instagram.com/monkeytennisanimation facebook.com/monkeytennisanimation twitter.co

  • 01:01 Not Super Heroes. Motion Graphics

    Not Super Heroes. Motion Graphics

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  • 00:55 EDF Heroes - Director's Cut

    EDF Heroes - Director's Cut

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    Made in Mikros Image www.mikrosimage.eu VFX Producer : Fabrice Damolini Executive VFX Producer : Malica Benjemia Flame Artist / VFX Supervisor : Stéphane Pivron Flame Artist : Damien Canameras CG Supervisor : Nicolas Bruchet CG : Benjamin Lenfant, Vivien

  • 00:47 Quantum Heroes

    Quantum Heroes

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    When Space Freaks from the outer cosmos attack... Quantum Heroes protect the universe with ultra power and mega-weapons! Battle One: Flame Blade vs Sea Kaiju Quantum Heroes is a project we made together with the talented CG & animation students Irina Nguy

  • 02:50 War Thunder Heroes - VFX Breakdown

    War Thunder Heroes - VFX Breakdown

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    A VFX shot breakdown of how RealtimeUK achieved the 'War Thunder Heroes' Movie

  • 02:13 Bugs and Heroes trailer

    Bugs and Heroes trailer

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    directed by: Petar Pasic produced by: Doktor Fried ------------------------------------- BUGS AND HEROES BUGS AND HEROES is a romantic thriller combining live action with CGI animation. It’s a tale of lonely, broken people and insects who are, both in the

  • 00:33 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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  • 00:30 King: Farm Heroes

    King: Farm Heroes

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    We gave the Cropsies real personality and made them the star of the show in this new style of TV ad for King. Made with miniature sets and CG characters.