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  • 02:46 American Titans Breakdown // American Heroes Channel

    American Titans Breakdown // American Heroes Channel

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    Elastic Pictures produced multiple VFX scenes for the American Titans series that aired on the American Heroes Channel. Everything was developed and delivered in 4K for broadcast. This is a breakdown of the scenes that were provided and the process we use

  • 00:25 The Heroes

    The Heroes

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    In our spare time the team decided to take on a personal project as a tribute to some of our childhood heroes. We created a twenty second piece of Marvel’s heroes trying to master their powers. thisiswhiteibis.com Connect with us! Facebook.com/ThisIsWhite

  • 00:33 Pieces.of.Heroes


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    Adidas : Pieces.of.Heroes :: 3D : Cinema 4D 11 :: Grading : After Effects :: Music : Maurin Zahnd www.camillemarotte.com