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  • 02:28 IL RICORDO ALFASUD - A Weekend Heroes Film

    IL RICORDO ALFASUD - A Weekend Heroes Film

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    An old man finds the car of his childhood dreams in an abandoned shed. This is his recollection of the days when the Trofeo Alfasud was at its pinnacle with Fillipo Niccolini behind the wheel, showcasing the Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1300 Ti in all its glory. Pr

  • 08:28 QUEEN MARY / Heroes

    QUEEN MARY / Heroes

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    Seventy years after surviving the largest war in history, WWII infantry veteran George F. Schneider returned to the ship that brought him home in 1945: the RMS Queen Mary. -- Production Company: Cardinal Director: Job Hall Director of Photography: Aaron M

  • 04:42 COVOLV: Permaculture Heroes Vol.1

    COVOLV: Permaculture Heroes Vol.1

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    covolv.org cuetzalan.covolv.org Permaculture Heroes Vol 1, the first minidoc in this series, is a short introduction to permaculture, a legendary permaculturist Larry Santoyo, and an amazing model of permaculture, the Indigenous CO-OP & Community high in

  • 01:50 Популярные Memory Lane | Heroes

    Memory Lane | Heroes

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    They tell you that - when you are young,you have to follow the plan... stick to it, or you'll lose it - you'll ruin your chances, your reputation - Safety is an illusion meant to drag you off the way. They say you can lose stuff, drift away from what is t

  • 01:59 Популярные High School Heroes

    High School Heroes

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    entry for NBC Sports cptr'd contest --- originally created as an UNDER ARMOUR spec special thanks: Jack Eaton Rick Eaton James Diers Kyle Flater Ian Jacoby Drew Bender Cameron Duroe Al Stevens Colin Smith Justin Larson-Adams Kyle Frenette Paul Pederson Re