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  • 04:42 COVOLV: Permaculture Heroes Vol.1

    COVOLV: Permaculture Heroes Vol.1

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    covolv.org cuetzalan.covolv.org Permaculture Heroes Vol 1, the first minidoc in this series, is a short introduction to permaculture, a legendary permaculturist Larry Santoyo, and an amazing model of permaculture, the Indigenous CO-OP & Community high in

  • 02:13 Bugs and Heroes trailer

    Bugs and Heroes trailer

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    directed by: Petar Pasic produced by: Doktor Fried ------------------------------------- BUGS AND HEROES BUGS AND HEROES is a romantic thriller combining live action with CGI animation. It’s a tale of lonely, broken people and insects who are, both in the

  • 01:50 Популярные Memory Lane | Heroes

    Memory Lane | Heroes

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    They tell you that - when you are young,you have to follow the plan... stick to it, or you'll lose it - you'll ruin your chances, your reputation - Safety is an illusion meant to drag you off the way. They say you can lose stuff, drift away from what is t

  • 01:53 Популярные BORN HEROES


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    A production by WeShoot www.weshoot.net ELENA ANAYA in the Oficial Spot for FIRE!! 2014 Directed by JUANMA CARRILLO www.juanmacarrillo.com Costume designed by NACHO AGUAYO www.nachoaguayo.com Make up artist BATRIZ MATALLANA www.beatrizmatallana.com Execut