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  • 08:23 Heroes Season 3 "Completing the Scene"

    Heroes Season 3 "Completing the Scene"

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    Heroes Season 3 DVD Special Features, Interview with Stargate Studios about the effects we do throughout the season. Please feel from to visit our VFX Channel at www.stargatestudios.net/channel.

  • 22:00 Популярные Heroes Mini-Series Chapter Titles

    Heroes Mini-Series Chapter Titles

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    In this tutorial we will show you some advanced ways to apply text to your productions like you would see at the beginning of every Heroes Episode.

  • 00:12 Heroes Reborn - Title

    Heroes Reborn - Title

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    Client NBC Universal Director and Designer Kenneth Kegley Animator Takayuki Sato Producer Bonnie Black Produced at Scatterlight Studios

  • 01:59 Популярные High School Heroes

    High School Heroes

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    entry for NBC Sports cptr'd contest --- originally created as an UNDER ARMOUR spec special thanks: Jack Eaton Rick Eaton James Diers Kyle Flater Ian Jacoby Drew Bender Cameron Duroe Al Stevens Colin Smith Justin Larson-Adams Kyle Frenette Paul Pederson Re