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The Lore of Heroes of Might and Magic III - Amadar and the World Tree

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HoL Presents - The Lore of Heroes of Might and Magic III

Amadar and the World Tree

Hello, welcome to the new instalment of this series where I explore the immense Lore of this great game, the Heroes of Might and Magic III. In these videos, we will explore the lives and deeds of some of the more iconic characters or important events in the Heroes III lore. For these episodes, I will be using the Lore as it is found in my mod, The Glory of War.

Here is the link to my mod:

Most of my sources were gathered from this site:

Visit my eBay store for my channel's memorabilia:

My show will be airing once a week. If you like my channel don't forget to subscribe and consider supporting me on Patreon and also visit my eBay store for memorabilia!

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