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Xiedu Battle No.36 - Fengyue vs Magic Soul (Day 334)

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This fight is rare in RC's video, because NO TRICK in, just a direct fight. Magic Soul has nearly 50 Ghost Dragons, 100 Dread Knights, 250 Vampire Lords and 950 Wraiths.

This time of game is a bit tough because Magic Soul has collected Collar of Conjuring and Ring of Conjuring before and hide in west area of underworld. I have to defeat several bosses - Ninth Knight, Sky Patrol, Bone Lord and Terriders - at the east area. I need to craft Ring of Magi to take them down easier. Moreover, a well was guarded by a guard who needs me to defeat Magic Soul, otherwise I cannot recover my magic points.

This bastard brought me lots of trouble. I must chase him and take him down.

Battle No.36: Fengyue vs Magic Soul
Map: Xiedu / Blasphemy
Time: Month 3 / Week 3 / Day 4
Heroes: Fengyue (Specialty: Speed+2, 29/27/20/31, MP: 310) vs Magic Soul (Specialty: Ghost & Wraith, 26/25/20/21, MP: 210)
Secondary Skills: Logistic, Archery, Wisdom, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Armorer.
Key Artifact: /

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